• Cassie Roos

$1000 Donation to Ellsworth!

During the COVID-19 quarantine period, photographers all over the nation started what is called "The Porch Project". Families would gather out on their front porch while photographers came to snap photos from a distance. It is a great way to mark this crazy time in history and get some memorable family photos. All money raised went towards a donation and payments were only accepted with no personal contact.

So, I went out to tackle some porch photos this Spring! I visited families following social distancing guidelines and took donations for COVID relief. I decided to send the donations raised to Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery.

The dairy industry has been hit hard the past couple of years, and it went down even harder during this quarantine time. Living on a dairy farm myself, we were asked to lower our supply by 7 percent, with rumors of another 25%! This amount is not sufficient to run a stable dairy farm and would risk losing the entire herd by doing so. An amazing Gentleman, Rich Miller, started a fundraiser to purchase cheese curds for local school districts in order to boost milk/cheese needs. I decided to donate to Rich, who is our own personal "milkman".

During my Porch Project, I was able to raise $1000 towards cheese sales, and COVID relief. Thank you to all who participated!! It was such a great experience and I was so glad to see so many faces still smiling through this time.

As we exit the quarantine period this month, I pray that everyone continues to stay healthy and safe as we move back into normalcy.

Phone: 612.807.2208

Email: roos.cassie@gmail.com

Amery, WI 54001

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